July 16, 2019 C.C.

"Hurwitz and Co have been doing my family's personal and corporate taxes for years. I could not be happier with their suggestions and support. I call with questions and they are always there for us. A few of my friends use them as well and have thanked me for suggesting that they use them !"
December 7, 2018 Sean McCreary

"Hurwitz and Co. has always acted with the utmost integrity and professionalism, which seems to be more and more uncommon these days. I would trust him with any tax related issue."
July 28, 2018 Patrick J.

"As an Aussie unfamiliar with Federal and CA tax law, Lew represented worry free solution to my tax affairs. His attentive, calm and patient approach is a credit to his enterprise. Furthermore, since I returned to UK, I was confronted with FATCA requirements by my Bank. Stressed, I reached out to Lew who completed my form...again, no stress! If you need tax advice, don't hesitate - give Lew a call, you will thank me for this advice."
January 26, 2018 John H.

Great Experiences

"Fortunately I found Hurwitz and company, and I've had nothing but great experiences working with them. Lew is cool and calm and simplifies the process. His awesome crew Darci and Monisa and totally on it, know what they're doing and keep us (clients) on track. I can't recommend Hurwitz and Co enough."
May 30, 2017 Alan Wolf


"Lew Hurwitz is a phenomenal accountant and quite honestly a friend !!!! My husband Daniel and I trust Lew so much that we recommend him to all of our friends and family. Lew is honest, skilled, completely on top of all the regulations and write offs. We don't like to think about taxes, but , are completely worry-free, knowing that we are in amazingly competent hands! Lew's down to earth, friendly, kind professionalism is the icing on the cake !!! Thanks Lew for everything!!! Alan and Daniel"