March 25, 2022 Connie Kirk

May 5, 2021 rockin

"We have worked with Lew and his staff for years and I recommend them highly. Our taxes are complicated (at least for us) as we are self employed and Hurwitz & Co has always been easy to work with, professional, informative, and prompt. 5 stars"
April 3, 2021 nina theda black

"Hurwitz and Co. did my taxes this year and I just want to say I was blown away by the quality of their service and professionalism! They went way above and beyond my expectations, turning what is usually a stressful and unpleasant task for me into such an easy, positive experience. And then they charged me FAR less than I was expecting. Doing business with Hurwitz and Co. has actually restored my faith that there are good people out there, doing honest work just because they care about people. Such a rarity these days! I highly, highly recommend them and feel like I cannot overstate just how impressed and pleased I am to have discovered them."
February 13, 2021 Daniel Kurth

"I'm a retired computer programmer so I'm used to using software to do my own taxes, but this year I needed some advice because the software product I was using indicated I owed a lot more than I'd expected so I sought out advice from Lew on possible proposals I'd thought up to remedy the situation. Lew patiently reviewed my proposals but more importantly inquired as to the reason for pursuing them, and then pointed out that my basic premise that I owed more than expected was wrong. Shockingly it turns out that the software product I'd used had categorized an item as taxable when it was not. I've since run the software again with the same input and results, whereas on alternate software I get different results conforming to what was expected, and what he also suggested were correct. I'm happy I asked for his advice which saved me from correcting a mistake that turned out not to be a mistake on my part after all but merely a case of inadequate software. I was also happy that I was able to securely upload documents for him to review, and pleased to see that they were deleted afterward. He will be my first choice to go to in the future if I ever again have tax questions that exceed my understanding."
February 9, 2021 Bruce Becker

"I've worked with Lew Hurwitz and his staff for about 8 years. Lew did my business returns, and also later, my private/retired returns. They also did my bookkeeping services. I've always found them very cooperative, understanding and efficient, as well as knowledgeable of all the latest tax codes. Lew and his team are excellent in communicating promptly and thoroughly back with clients, which i've found not such a common quality among other accountants or tax preparers. I highly recommend Lew Hurwitz for anyone for their business or personal returns. Oh, and they have very reasonable rates."