Tax Problems?

Need an Affordable and Effective Solution?

You’ve received an audit, levy, or lien notice from the IRS.

Your state tax agency wants to know why you haven’t filed
for the last 7 years.

Your ex forgot to tell you about that income from a side job.

You didn’t know that bonus was taxable or even that it was reported.

You might be here for a thousand different reasons, but what you are looking for is a solution to a very real problem that will not go away on its own.

Will they take your car or home? Will you keep getting your regular paycheck? Will an agent show up at your front door? How will you ever get this paid off?

Who will help you with your tax problems?

You’ve probably looked at many other tax resolution services, so why choose me?

Find affordable tax solutions!

Experience: I have more than 30 years experience resolving problems like yours. My degree in accounting and a career that includes years as an IRS agent can be put to work for you! As an Enrolled Agent, I can be your advocate at every level, no matter what they throw at you.

Support: I will be with you every step of the way. I will be available for questions and concerns. Until the day you receive a final notice of resolution, you are my client and I will defend you in every possible way as aggressively as the law allows.

Personalized service: When you engage me for your tax issue I never outsource your case. I perform all work personally, customizing your solution for you.

Pricing: My fees are fair and equitable. Some large, national organizations charge tens of thousands of dollars. My fee will be set upfront and you can be sure that every billed hour will be justified.

Don’t delay! Every day you wait is another day the IRS infects your life. Put me between you and the tax collectors.

The IRS has thousands of agents:
Isn’t it time to have an agent on your side?

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Lewis Hurwitz, E.A., Taxes  Enrolled Agent, San Francisco, CA